You are reading the Club Sojourn – Hospitality Merchants – Hospitality Merchants Group which are jointly and or severally referred to hereafter as the KDI" policy on the protection of personal information (our "Privacy Policy"). This policy is based the laws of Canada, where KDI International Headquarters are located. This law is called the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Important: by using this site, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information by KDI in accordance with the terms of this policy. Please take the time to read this document.

This Privacy Policy will inform you about the way the personal information you give us will be used, processed and communicated. On your end, you have responsibilities when you use our site-we invite you to read our site Terms and Conditions.

In this document, we will explain why we collect personal information, what we do with it, what we are not allowed to do with it, and how you can access your personal information.

KDI may modify this policy to adapt to any new technological or legal environment, or simply to adjust to changes made to our website. All updates of our policy will be posted on this page. By continuing to use this site after we post any changes you are consenting to our use of your information as provided in the modified policy.

What is personal information?
Personal information identifies you as a physical person: name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.

There is also electronic information, which is generated by your computer and may identify your computer. We automatically collect this information when you visit the KDI site. Thanks to this electronic information, KDI knows, for example, how many people visit our site, but without knowing their names and other information that identifies them physically.

Why do we collect personal information?
To understand your needs and provide the services offered to you on our site (for example, to make sure that you are the correct person registered with KDI).
• To design, maintain, manage, improve, market and provide products and services on our site.
• To organize contests or other promotional activities.
To provide you with information about KDI and our products, programs and promotions.
How we collect personal information that identifies you
To become a Club Sojourn member, you must provide your name, e-mail address, postal code, password, and other information that we may request. This information remains with KDI; it is not given to any third parties.

In this way, you personally identify yourself when you visit the pages of KDI, by becoming a member of Club Sojourn or by using some of its services, and when you participate in promotions and contests with KDI. You provide us with this information voluntarily.

Cookies, or How we collect electronic personal information
When you visit certain pages on our site, our servers send you cookies. Our servers also record your IP address (IP stands for Internet Protocol, a number that locates you in cyberspace) and the web pages you have visited. This electronic personal information is transmitted to us automatically.

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small file transmitted by KDI website server to your browser. It is saved, for a limited period of time, on your computer's hard drive. To learn more about cookies, check the frequently asked questions section of the Cookie Central site.
Cookies allow the site to retain important information: the date of your last visit to the site, the pages you visit, the files you download, the type of browser you use (Microsoft Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Safari...). Basically, cookies help us to determine the number of people who visit our site and the frequency of these visits. They also allow us to personalize advertising content, respond to your requests regarding products and services, and keep you informed about new products. This way, we can improve our site and its services.

You don't want to receive cookies?
Important: if you refuse all cookies, you will not be able to use the Club Sojourn services that require registration. Also, refusing cookies means that your visits to the site may be less interesting, since certain functions will not work.

You can configure your browser in three ways:
• so that it accepts all cookies without alerting you;
• so that it asks you to accept each cookie, one by one;
• or so that it systematically refuses all cookies.
Generally speaking, this function appears in the Preferences menu of the browser program, but this varies depending on the type and version of the program. To learn more about managing cookies based on different versions of the most popular browsers, use your program's Help menu or visit the appropriate section of the DoubleClick website.

Web bugs
Currently, KDI does not collect personal information using web bugs or codes that are part of some Internet pages that allow surfers' "tracks" to be followed. KDI may use this technology in the future, in which case you will be informed of that use.

How we use, communicate and save your personal information
KDI uses personal information collected through its website to respond to your requests for certain services (for example, a Club Sojourn registration) and to send you specific information about KDI.

Your IP address and your e-mail address can be used for various purposes, including:
• to estimate the number of web surfers in certain countries or regions of the world that visit Club Sojourn;
• to fix Internet service problems pointed out by our users or by our information technologies supervisors;
to send you information and updates about activities, privileges, promotional offers, products and services offered by KDI or its sponsors.
Personal information collected by organizations other than KDI
The KDI site contains advertising and content provided by companies and organizations that are independent from KDI. These companies and organizations have personal information protection policies that may differ from those of KDI. If you use or purchase products or services from these companies and organizations, KDI is not responsible for the manner in which your personal information may be used.

Hyperlinks from the Club Sojourn site
The KDI site also includes hyperlinks to companies and organizations that are independent from KDI. We are not responsible for the policies of these sites regarding prices or delivery of products and services, protection of personal information, etc. We suggest that you read the policies of these sites before you use them.

The management of your personal information
KDI saves personal information only during the period when it is necessary or useful, or as per the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Electronic Documents Act. KDI has established conservation and destruction measures for personal information that is no longer necessary or required by law.
Your personal information will not be shared with anyone without your consent, save the following exceptions:
All organizations or entities controlled by KDI, or that control us. A corporate restructuring (partnership, merger or sale of KDI to another organization) could take place in the future.

• To satisfy regulatory or legal requirements.

• Our affiliated organizations and entities, if the personal information could serve to improve the quality of the services they offer.

Who controls your personal information?
Your information is managed by Club Sojourn customer service employees in Vancouver. You may contact them at any time, by mail, by telephone or by using the Contact Us section of the site. A customer service representative may contact you to verify and correct, if necessary, the personal information you have provided.

Our personal information protection policy is subject to the KDI site's Terms and Conditions.

All modifications to our personal information protection policy will be indicated on this page. If you have any questions regarding our personal information protection policy, feel free to contact the following person at the following address:

Daniel Goldstrom
Tel. +1 (403) 255-0789

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